Dr Vasko Dobrev’s Hunt for the Tomb of Pharaoh Userkare
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Creación: 21 octubre, 2009
Modificación: 21 octubre, 2009
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Dr Vasko (or Vassil) Dobrev explains his search for the tomb of Userkare – a Sixth Dynasty Pharaoh who ruled between the reign of Teti and Pepi I. In the video, Dr Dobrev explains that Egypt was in a power limbo after the assassination of Teti, until Userkare came to bring peace and restore order. He is excavating a site at Saqqara South where his team have so far covered a fifth of a hectare, out of a 15 hectare plateau. Dr Dobrev shows us in this video what he has found so far at the Tabbet al-Guech site, and some insight into the world of archaeology.


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